Massage Services – Prices

National Thai Spa is massage page bannerAt National Thai Spa, it’s all about choices. Yes , you have plenty of massage services you can indulge in. Let us pamper you to a great relaxation experience. Get your body healed from the effects of daily stresses in life. Call us for an appointment at 1-310-445-9797

National Thai Spa is page banner top(Thai and Swedish) – Combining two techniques in one. We use acupuncture points, stretching and then oil to finally give you complete relaxation. This is our most popular massage service. RATES: $35 {30 min}, $45 {1 hr}, $70 {1 hr 1/2}

National Thai Spa is thai massageThe Thai massage provides a deeper stimulation of the muscles and joint areas. Stretching techniques and acupuncture points are worked more deeply, thus improving flexibility and range of motion. RATES: $35 {30 min}, $45 {1 hr}, $70 {1 hr 1/2}

National Thai Spa is swedish massage

Slow flowing movements by gentle kneading techniques using essential oils to stimulate your circulation is what this massage is all about. RATES: $35 {30 min}, $45 {1 hr}, $70 {1 hr 1/2}

National Thai Spa is hot oil massage

Aromatherapy – Combination hot oil massage and traditional kneading massage with essential oils to soothe the central nervous system providing total relaxation. RATES: $45 {30 min}, $55 {1 hr}, $75 {1 hr 1/2}

National Thai Spa is four hands massage

Two massage therapists working together with their hands. They work together to create balanced and seamless movements inducing deep relaxation. Their hands are working in harmony with each other without ever leaving your skin to provide relaxation with unessential oils. RATES: $65 {30 min}, $85 {1 hr}, $130 {1 hr 1/2}

National Thai Spa is deep tissue massage

(Sport Massage) – We use Swedish massage techniques. However, we do one step further with a firmer massage reaching the muscle layers and connective tissues far below your skins surface. Forearms, thumbs, and palms may be used by the therapist to do this deep tissue technique. This is to release tension and release deep knots within your body. This technique provides healing properties with respect to muscle spasms, headaches and even back pains. It does help improve circulation throughout your entire body.  RATES: $45 {30 min}, $55 {1 hr}, $75 {1 hr 1/2}